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Tatsat Exports Private Limited, an online company, Registered on 22nd July 2020, deals in the supply of fruits, vegetables, Indian herbs, spices and groceries, alongside it also deals in the export of various industrial products across the Globe. The online global presence of this enterprise is the amalgamation of these two segments, working in close-knit operation.

Bringing to your home the flavours of India

From the home of a myriad variety of natural and authentic herbs & spices, Tatsat Exports Private Limited bring to your doorstep not just the products but a flavour of our culture. India has been long since known as the land of spices, with their own unique flavours that add amazing taste to your food, they also have been known to have medicinal properties, dating back to centuries ago.

Its no wonder to the world of how effective the Indian spices and herbs have proved in various allergies and medical conditions. The West has identified our culture and deep rooted homegrown remedies “Nani Maa ke Nuske”. Tatsat Exports Private Limited wants to take a step further and bridge their ever growing need, by supplying the highest standard products to the world.

We at Tatsat Exports Private Limited have simplified the process of delivering high quality herbs and spices at your doorstep on the global platform. To meet the authentic standards of what our company stands on, we have streamlined the efforts of small farmers from across India working at the grassroot level, keeping the essence of our country alive with the genuine products. Tatsat Exports Private Limited uplifts these small scale farmers and businesses by generating economic prospects for them and in the process eternize our very culture of serving.

For the tastebud in you, You will find everything on our website with 100% purity, reaching out to you across the Globe.

Working on the goal of customer first, we supply products ranging from Psyllium, Tarpaulin, Indian Spices, fruits, vegetables and GroceriesWe at Tatsat Exports Private Limited aim to add a flavour to your life through the spices and make the medicinal properties of spices and herbs known to the mankind.

Additionally, Tatsat Exports Private Limited deals in export of products anywhere in the world. The export service can be availed by the general public for any range of products, in any part of the world.




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We at Tatsat Exports Private Limited export high quality products at the most cost-effective price Internationally. The aromatic, fresh and authentic items are delivered at your doorstep in a timely delivery pattern.
We export the following products Internationally:


Tatsat Exports Private Limited commenced on the mission of make the world an inviting place for authentic Indian spices and herbs. Its mission is to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of genuine products in the global market. We, at Tatsat makes the supply of not only the spices and herbs available on our website across the globe, but, institute the export services of anything and everything to every possible part on the globe. With a dedicated team of highly skilled and trained personnel at your disposal, we make customer service our priority. Being proud of what our land has to offer, Tatsat takes the spices of East to the land of West.


Tatsat Exports Private Limited laid its foundation, with a vision to become the biggest exporter of authentic Indian spices and herbs across the globe. We aim to stand firm on our customer first principle, in the process. We would like to make the world know the richness of the land of spices and savour the most genuine products. 

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